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As practitioners in developed and developing economies grapple to deliver value-based care, their exposure to and relationship with technology is being reset, positively for the most part. Yet, given all that is at stake in operational, clinical, and financial terms, their response to so-called digital transformation involves much more than simply playing catch up with technology, or innovation tokenism.

As a tech vendor, your brand credentials are built and sustained by the direct experiences of those who use your products and access your services day in day out: clinicians and their teams, on-prem and in the real-world setting; life sciences teams bridging upstream R&D with personalized medicine and relationship management; in-house IT teams struggling to balance business-as-usual with strategic alignment and risk management; patients seeking convenient access to holistic, high quality care, across diverse settings.

Clearly, Healthcare is not a homogeneous sector. When it comes to procuring technology, a new-found confidence has emerged, prompting exploration of offerings from start-ups, mid-size specialists, and corporates from other vertical sectors. Tech incumbents can no longer assume the right to dominate the landscape. Buyer decisions are increasingly supported by a multitude of stakeholders. Peer-to-peer review now wields considerable influence.

Hence, in engaging with tech vendors, Healthcare seeks clarity, open collaboration, and trust – not sales pitches and hype. Not all cloud or digitally native, they expect you to be a part of the new stable backbone that underpins the creation of blended models of care, optimized workflow, and an empowered workforce that can pre-empt risk, accelerate decision-making, and support intervention and novel treatments. Client-centric technology that helps Healthcare become patient-centric. Technology that meets their needs and delivers on their terms, not yours.

So, how relevant is your brand to Healthcare? Where do you fit within the interplay across the Healthcare system? How truly invested are you? Who do you partner with and why? How do you differentiate? Are you demonstrably adaptive, agile, and accountable? Can you contribute to building a culture of innovation that changes the status quo?

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