Thought Leadership

Building influence through meaningful engagement 

Injecting authenticity into a brand can be challenging when there’s so much ‘noise’ and hype in the market. How do you define and create your proposition to stay front of mind?

To influence with integrity, your commitment to Healthcare must be reflected in your ongoing investment in your portfolio and choice of partner.  Relationship management must discard the transactional, to  focus on buyers’ bigger-picture strategic goals. Offer them honest pragmatic advice, alignment, and optimization.

You have a clear choice where you focus that effort, depending on where you see the opportunity: whether you will support digitally immature providers or clusters to align technology to their operational transformation; support mid-level maturity to further evolve; pursue strategically ambitious providers with real-world partners; or truly visionary healthcare systems seeking to develop ‘world first’ status beyond the Healthcare-Life Sciences platform, to exploit technology as a brand differentiator.    

  • As an incumbent facing greater and more diverse competition, you can no longer rely on previous successes. Your brand must keep evolving to generate value, to expose buyers to the realms of the possible, as their trusted advisor.
  • As a new entrant or so-called disruptor, you need validation that your products and solutions can address challenges, are usable, and offer a clear context for Healthcare.
  • As a SME, you must appreciate that while it’s true that websites and blogs do not sell products, a reliance on lead generation lists is equally short-termist. Expecting your Healthcare prospects to ‘get it’ just because you’re selling a horizontal solution or have sold into another vertical will not work.

Attempts by many vendors to generate provoking Thought Leadership programmes fall short, relying on thinly disguised product push and static content. Vendors serving multiple sectors with complex portfolios can find it particularly challenging to differentiate.

Experiential HealthTech can support your team to (co)-create content that dispels customer mis-perceptions, challenges their approaches to IT deployment while guiding them, highlights your unique strengths, and attracts the right calibre of partner to amplify awareness.

Examples of how we could work together include: themed white papers; third party commentary within a research paper or report; webinars; podcasts; collateral such as playbooks dedicated to training your product managers, sales teams, and partners.