Injecting pragmatism to generate impact 

As more Healthcare and Life Sciences practitioners gain confidence through positive experiences with technology, so they become more discerning, better able to spot spurious claims and corporate showmanship. Both sectors continue to attract new vendor entrants, many either from other technically mature verticals, the consumer sector, or digital disruptors. All are  vying for ‘trusted advisor’ status.

In the face of such heightened competition, many vendors including incumbents are finding that the success they anticipated across the Healthcare ecosystem has not been realised. Whether through inflated expectation, over-pricing, mis-timing, or inflexibility, their investment is not generating return, and they are stagnating.  

Workshops with Experiential HealthTech facilitate an effective way to bring strategy executives, product owners, and partners together, to challenge perceptions, stress test existing go-to-market strategy, craft business development plans, or lay the foundations for market entry. We may even conclude that it’s best to walk away from Healthcare. 

Workshop content can flex to suit respective team needs. Areas of support include:

Go To Market Preparation            

  • Regional and country-specific opportunity assessment
  • Market and customer segmentation mapping
  • User persona profiling
  • Launch readiness evaluation

Portfolio Management

  • Product strategy refinement or development
  • Roadmapping
  • Harnessing cross-sector expertise
  • Value proposition design
  • Routes to next-steps innovation

Brand Optimization

  • Competitive landscape benchmarking
  • Pre-empting and managing competitive disruption
  • Sales and marketing effectiveness
  • Resource optimization
  • Channel partner management
  • Ecosystem programmes